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Specialty Floor Products
Taski Linostrip 3400
Low PH Stripper Recommended for Specialty Floors!
Linoleum stripper gently yet thoroughly and effectively removes polish build-up from alkali sensitive linoleum flooring. TASKI linostrip does not bleach (or cause brittleness). Specially formulated for linoleum floors, TASKI linostrip has the optimal pH value, does not cause discoloration, is low foaming, and is gentle to the floor's surface yet also suitable for the removal of metal crosslinked polishes.  Each case has two 10 liter containers. 

Taski Impermo 35001 
Eliminates Permanent Staining on Stone Floors!
Stone impregnator Impregnates and protects porous stone floors (artificial or natural, smooth or rough), e.g. terrazzo, sandstone, marble, unglazed ceramic, concrete, granite. The ideal stone impregnator hinders soil and water penetration makes cleaning faster and easier.  It does not alter the appearance of the floor water based. With safe formulation Properties TASKI impermo is the ideal, water-based stone impregnator, for efficient, simple and safe basic treatment. Stone floorings impregnated with TASKI impermo can be cleaned easier and faster. Stains (e.g. beverages, oil and grease) do not penetrate immediately into the floor, thus permitting removal. The natural appearance of the impregnated floor stays unchanged: light colors remain light, dark parts remain dark. 4/1 gallon containers per case. 

Taski TR101 92017
Concentrated carpet shampoo for the intermediate cleaning of all types of carpet and upholstery.  Special combination of effective, high foaming surfactants.  Provides a consistent, dry foam.  Fresh fragrance.  pH neutral.  Use with the Taski Ergodisc 300 Foam Generator.  4/1 gallon containers per case. 

Taski TR103 92018
Carpet and upholstery cleaner used with the spray extraction method.  Effective, pH-neutral cleaner. Specially formulated for carpet cleaning with the spray injection/extraction method. Low foaming.  Fresh fragrance. Efficient removal of water-soluble and greasy/oily soil. Gentle to carpet and upholstery fabric fibers.  Also suitable for removal of water-soluble spots/stains with the rinse method.  4/1 gallon containers per case.