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Taski Vision Matte 3045546
Silky-matt floor polish, alcohol resistant Universal silky-matt acrylic floor polish for use on vinyl (PVC), linoleum, vinyl tiles, artificial and natural smooth stone, rubber and asphalt floors. Properties Very good resistance to hand disinfectants containing alcohol as well as to floor disinfectants. Wear-resistant and scuff mark resistant film which protects the floor's surface and facilitates daily cleaning. Slip resistant protective film. Long film life is achieved by following the TASKI maintenance recommendations. 4/1 gallon containers. 
Taski Wiwax 3001 
Recommended by Specialty Floor Manufactures! 
Maintenance cleaner Cleans and maintains in one step with a wear resistant, protective polymer film. TASKI wiwax is the modern, synthetic cleaning and maintenance product for the one step cleaning and maintenance of all water resistant floorings .Produces a slip resistant, soil repelling maintenance film clear, high shine. Product information Properties TASKI wiwax is a synthetic polymer-based floor care product for the simultaneous cleaning and maintenance of all water resistant floorings. TASKI wiwax produces a dry-bright, non-slip, detergent resistant, soil repelling, protective film which is fortified with each additional application. After approximately 60 succeeding applications, the thickness of a single coat of polish is obtained. Depending upon the type and amount of soiling, alternation with a floor cleaner (e.g. TASKI R 50) is recommended.  4/1 gallon containers.

Taski Profi 700
Neutral Oil and Grease Remover.  Safe on All Floors! 
Oil and grease remover Effectively removes even the heaviest oil and grease build-up. TASKI profi is a floor cleaner specially formulated for industry, garages, workshops, and warehouses. Solvent free Also suitable for cleaning canvas truck covers (tarps) Product information Properties TASKI profi is a highly effective oil and grease remover for the cleaning of floors in industrial plants, garages, automobile workshops, warehouses, etc. TASKI profi can also be used for the cleaning of canvas truck covers (tarps).  4/1 gallon containers.