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BOOST - The new and innovative scrubber that is taking the industry by storm! BOOST, Battery Operated Orbital Scrubbing Technology, is a special engineered hybrid, merging the best of scrubbing technology and high speed orbital technology used in many of today's Clarke's sanding products. The high speed of 2,250 RPM, 1/4 inch orbits that provide maximum scrubbing agitation IS the secret that provides: savings in water and chemical usage, savings in floor pad usage, less dump and fill labor, and 25% longer battery run time while cleaning the floor better than conventional disc scrubbers. Here are some of BOOST’s great features and benefits:
  • 28" model with 20 gallon tanks
  • 50% to 70% less water consumption
  • 50% to 70% less chemical consumption
  • 25% increase in battery run time
  • 40% increase in pad life
  • Half the trips to the deep sink for dump and fills
  • Cleaner floors equal more effective burnishing to extend strip and re-coat cycles
  • Reduced noise levels to improve operator

Viper Fang 20
Standard Features
  • "Platform" design
  • Brush assist drive (Fang 20) with optional transaxle drive (Fang 20T) 
  • Simple,easy-to-use controls
  • Heavy duty,casted aluminum squeegee assembly
  • Rotationally-molded housing
  • On-board storage for additional squeegee blades

Includes pad holder, batteries, and charger!!!

Pro 500 Environmental Cleaning Workstation
Maximum Cleaning Power for Professional Applications

Pro 500 is especially designed for superior carpet and hard surface restoration, as well as general maintenance. The system also tackles upholstery, modular office panels, fabric-covered walls, and hard surfaces such as grouted tile, marble, and vinyl wall coverings. The Pro is the highest performance system available for the residential, commercial and industrial cleaning.

The unique plunger pump and motor system will allow the Pro 500 to produce 1.35 at up to 500 p.s.i. of deep cleaning power as far away as 70 feet from the unit. CFR’s solution control technology enables the user to clean all types of fabrics without the worry of over wetting. The Pro 500 vacuum system offers 150"/135" of water lift. This superior solution control cuts dry time to as little as 1-2 hours.

  • Easy access to internal components.
  • Runtime hour meter and separate vac and pump switches.
  • Large 12" stair climbing wheels.
  • On board chemical storage.
  • Tools storage for easy portability.
  • Wheeled handle for maximum ease of loading and unloading.
  • Externally adjustable pressure gauge.