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Sanitaire Upright Vacuum SC679
Sanitaire Commercial vacuums are built for the commercial customer.Whether it is for cleaning 10,000 - 20,000 square feet of carpet every night,or cleaning traffic areas, Sanitaire Commercials can handle the job!     

Bag:                                           #S21283 (10 per package)    
Belt:                                           #27300   
Magnet 12":                                #15182    
Magnet 16":                                #15183   
Bristle Strip 12"                           #31136    
Bristle Strip 16":                          #31059    
Fan Blade:                                  #41036    
Cord Hook Set:                            #44012    
Motor Pulley:                               #52168   
Shake Out Cloth Bag Assembly:   #16109    
Clarke Upright Vacuum S12PF 
The Clarke S12PF raises the standard for value in a single motor vacuum cleaner. This model is 12" wide and features a cloth bag.   

Bag:                                          #S21283 (10 per package)  
Belt:                                          #27300  

CFR Powr Flite Vacuum CFR50EC  
Ultra Light and Efficient!  
At only 8 pounds, the Enviro-Clean Lite has the power and durability to tackle the toughest commercial job with the added benefit of reducing on the job injuries, repetitive motion disabilities and worker’s compensation claims. The Enviro-Clean Lite is manufactured with tough polycarbonate materials and aluminum for long lasting durability. Easy to maintain, simple to operate, the Enviro-Clean Lite is the perfect vacuum when performance and durability play a major role. This vacuum out performs machines two to three times its weight and price.    
Bag:                                         #260PB Enviro-Clean (6 per package)  
Belt:                                         #LA60 Flat Belt  

Taski Tapiset 38 8004.720  
Vacuum cleaner Taski Tapiset 38. For daily use on big surfaces. Extends the life span of your carpet. Powerful and quiet in use.    
Bag:                                         #8502.160 (10 per package)  
Belt:                                         #3303/377  

Proteam 1400 Prolux 00458  
Partnered with Electrolux, the leader in customer service and innovation, ProTeam brings you the finest dual motor upright available on the market.  With 4 inch clearance, this powerful vacuum can go under beds and low furniture. Extreme suction with 2 motors yet surprisingly lightweight.  
Bag:                                         #103483 (10 per package)  
Belt:                                         #48359                 

Proteam Super CoachVac  Backpack 100182  
Cuts Vacuuming Time in Half!  
The Super CoachVac offers the most power pound for pound of any vacuum on the market. For schools and any large high-traffic areas.    

Bag:                                        #100331 Micro Filter (10 per package) 

Taski Baby Bora 8002.980 
The small bundle of energy is a champion.  It is light weight, quiet and stable.   The flexible hood provides motor protection with a safety valve.  Uses Baby Bora bags #8500.600 (10/pkg.)  
Bag:                                        #8500.600 Baby Bora (10 per package)