Right Choice Janitorial Supply, L.L.C.
Floor Pads
White Polishing 
Light dry polishing or light water spray for high gloss.  Available in 12” through 24” sizes.  5/cs. 
Tan Polishing/Buffing
Used for polishing or light buffing.  Removes scuff marks and soil, produces gloss.  
Available in 17”, 19”, 20”, and 24” sizes. 5/cs. 
Red Buffing
Used for spray buffing, cleaning and polishing. 
Available in 12” through 22” sizes 5/cs. 
Blue Scrubbing
Used for scrubbing or heavy-duty spray cleaning.  Removes soiled top layers of finish. 
Available in 13”, 14”, 16”, 17”, 18”, 19”, and 20” sizes. 5/cs. 
Green Scrubbing 
Ideal for heavy-duty scrubbing or light stripping. 
Available in 13”, 16”, 17”, 18”, 19”, and 20” sizes.  5/cs. 
Brown Stripping
Used for heavy-duty stripping, wet or dry. 
Available in 17”, 19” and 20” sizes. 5/cs. 
Black Stripping 
Used for heavy-duty stripping.  
Available in 12” through 24” sizes.  5/cs. 

Doodlebug Pad Holder PAD405 
Four types of cleaning pads can be combined with the multi-purpose pad holder to tackle a variety of cleaning jobs. Orange plastic holder with Velcro® base holds 4-5/8 x 10 Doodlebug™ cleaning pads (MMM8242, MMM8440, MMM8541, MMM8550), sold separately. Holder swivels in all directions and has a threaded socket to attach to any standard threaded handle. Four kits per case—includes one pad holder, one Cleansing Pad (MMM8440), and one Scrub’n Strip Pad (MMM8541).