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CFR Carpet Care
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A Excell 204 
Solvent-free, acidic cleaner for natural or very delicate fibers. Formulated to be sensitive to dyes and natural fibers as well as brighten carpet and upholstery fibers by removing alkaline chemical residues from previous cleanings. 
Excell 104 
Solvent-free and phosphorous-free, concentrated heavy duty cleaner to remove moderate to heavy soils on synthetic carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces. 
Reclaim 400
Powerful water based cleaner designed for the reclamation of synthetic carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces. Formulated to remove the types of heavy soils associated with disaster restoration and neglect. 
Perform-All 600
Perform-All is a highly concentrated, neutral pH, water based cleaner. This product contains no solvents and can be used both as a prespray and in the workstation for restorative cleaning. Safe for all fabrics, natural and synthetic.  Four half gallon containers per case. 
Defoam 1524 
Controls foam created during the removal of chemical residues from previous cleanings. Designed to float in workstation tank to prevent it from being recycled into the cleaning solution and deposited on fiber.  4/1 gallon containers per case.  Also sold in pints.   
Shut Out – Asit 2024 
In-tank and topically applied anti-stain concentrate. When used in-tank during the cleaning process, it imparts anti-stain properties to each individual fiber. 4/1 gallon containers per case.