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Hand Soaps
Lotionized Liquid Hand Cleaner 3003    
High quality, everyday, all purpose hand cleaner. Cosmetic cleaning agents and lanolin quickly penetrate and remove soil and grease from hands leaving skin smooth, soft and supply. Lightly fragranced. Expressly formulated for use in schools, day care centers, hotels, restaurants, commercial facilities, offices, public transportation, theatres, malls and shopping centers, hair salons, auto dealerships and other commercial and institutional areas. Authorized for use by the USDA (E1) Pink. Kosher and Pareve. 4/1 gal. per case.   

Anticeptic Hand Cleaner 3007
Spartan ANTISEPTIC HAND CLEANER is an excellent, all-purpose, ready-to-use, germ-fighting formulation designed specifically to meet the hand care needs of individuals who use public and private institutional facilities. A basic hand cleaner choice to accompany most hand-washing sinks. The emerald green hand cleaner is gentle to use, it does not over dry or chap hands even with frequent hand washings. The lanolin enriched formula incorporates a synergistic blend of surfactants to insure extra mildness for skin’s natural moisture level. Balances with skin to clean effectively without the over stripping.  
4/1 gal. per case 

DEB/SBS Hypor Soap Dispenser DE100  
Most Popular Soap Dispenser!  
Hypor Soap Dispenser White - Cartridge Soap System - Durable construction is ideal for high-traffic washroom or shower areas; schools, hospitals, fitness clubs, and restaurants. 1000 ml cartridge provides enough soap for up to 2,500 hand washes. 250 ml reservoir hold enough soap for up to 600 hand washes after the cartridge is empty. Adjustable push-button pump dispenses pre-regulated amounts of soap. Tamper -proof lock. 
DEB/SBS Hypor Blue Soap DE200  
Most Popular Hand Soap!  
Frosty, pearlescent-blue lotion produces a rich, creamy lather.  Mild fragrance, with conditioners.  Broad usage range including locker rooms and showers.   

DEB/SBS Hypor Green Antibacterial Soap DE225
Antibacterial lotion soap, 99% effective on most common bacteria.  Mild scent, contains chloroxylenol (PCMX) for antibacterial activity.  Perfect for food preparation, medical, emergency, and care personnel.  8-1L/Box

DEB/SBS AeroBlue Foaming Soap DE57220
Frosty-blue lotion foam soap with a mild fragrance, offering a general purpose cleansing action that is ideal for handwashing or showering. Use at any wash basin, in locker rooms and showers, office buildings, or anywhere. Foam soap provides over 1,400 hand washings per cartridge - which means fewer cartridge change-outs.  Blue foam produces a rich, creamy lather.  8-1L/Box

DEB/SBS AeroGreen Antibacterial Foaming Soap DE57250
Light-green, antibacterial foam lotion soap with a mild scent. It is 99.99% effective against most common bacteria and is perfectly suited for the healthcare, hospitality, and food preparation industries.  Ideal for environments where antibacterial soap is crucial.  8-1L/Box

DEB/SBS ProLine ® 1-Liter White Soap Dispenser DE98127
Used for dispensing all 1-Liter Cartridges - medium capacity. Wall mounted, push button dispensing. Private label options available, as well as other colors and finishes.